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8 (800) 555-74-57 Multichannel


Types of bags:

Packaging machine Bestrom-2000 is intended for packing goods into pre-made paper bags, delivered from storage.

Products packed by this machine:

Sugar, salt, frosery, etc.

Special features of the machine:

         a machine is of rotary operating principle, which ensures its compactability

         a machine is equipped with servo-motors, which ensures the reliability and high efficiency of the machine

A process of top forming bags consists of the following:

  1. a bag is picked from the storage for its opening by vacuum cups and moved to the dosing zone, where the bag is filled. After its filling, the bag comes to conveyors bucket and passes through a number of process operations.
  2. than a product settling into a bag is carried out by a vibrator and excess air is squeezed from the bag,the top cross seal is made and excess paper is simultaneously cut off.
  3. the gluing and fixation of the top seam of the bag are carried out
  4. a ready bag moves to a discharge conveyor.

Technical specification:



Up to 30 packs/min


380 V


2500 x 570 x 1100 mm


500 kg

Power consumption

Up to 7kW

Corrected level of sound power

Up to 75 dB

Weight of packed product