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8 (800) 555-74-57 Multichannel

Bestrom-201 N

Types of bags:

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Vertical packaging machine "Bestrom-201 N" is intended for packing powdered, granulated, small goods into bags made of thermo sealing film, supplied from roll in a form of plating.

Products packed by this machine:

Marsh-mellow, marmalade, dried biscuits, round cracknels, chips, pelmeni, dumplings, sea foods, frozen vegetables and fruits etc.

Special features of the machine:

         machine is working in start-stop mode

         could be used for packing delicate products

         angle inclination is adjustable in the range of 0 45o

Technical specification:


Bag size               

Width 100 250 mm, Length 80 330 mm


Up to 60 bags per min


380 V

Air pressure

0,6 MPa


1600 x 1270 x 1700 mm


700 kg

Power consumption

Max 8 kW

Air consumption

From 400 l/min (depending on options)

Film type

Polypropylene, laminated films

Film size

Max roll width 530 mm, max roll diameter 350 mm, core diameter 76 mm

Type of sealing

Constant heating sealing

Weight of dose

0,01 1,50 kg

The machine can be equipped with the following devices:

         print mark scanner (fotocell)

         system for tracking of film displasement

         gusset device

         hot foil printer

         a system for cooling a cross seal

         a system for extracting dust from a sealing area

         a system for removing static electricity from film

         a device for application on bags banner tape

         labeling machine and machine for vent valve application

         bags bunch making device, from 2 to 5 pcs

         neutral gas bags filling system

         notching device euro-slot

         loading elevator with vibrating bunker

         discharge conveyor